Mae Klong – Train Market of Thailand

This is a more recent HD footage of the the now famous Mae Klong Station Train Market.

Above is an older but neat amateur video that explains the Mae Klong Train Station Market in Bahasa Malay (with English subtitles). (4:06 min)

The second part of the amateur video starts with front of the train perspective departing Mae Klong Train Station Market. (8:42 min)

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10 Responses

  1. Redroom Studios says:

    that was crazy how the train came right through the market… the train passes and things quickly return to normal! nice musical selections in the background too.

  2. shapeshift says:

    It’s amazing how smooth and easy things happen when the train passes by… It’s as if it’s no big thing at all.

  3. ann says:

    wow, i’ve never seen anything like that market on the tracks…I first thought the market might be for the train passengers…

  4. Wolf says:

    Nice video! But the voice doesnt sound like Thai…what language is it?

  5. shapeshift says:

    Huh, I thought it was in Thai. Whoever knows the language, please let us know…. At first I thought the tracks are not used any more…

  6. CS says:

    The language is Indonesian or Malay. Both languages are very similar but you can easily tell one from the other by the way ‘r’ is pronounced. Like the Americans, Indonesians roll their ‘r’.

    I have never seen a train market either. I wonder how many times the train passes through here. You gotta love SE Asia for such quirks! :)

  7. shapeshift says:

    Alright! thanks for clearing up the mystery, Chaun…

    It is in Asia that tries to maximize every little thing, something that we can all learn from.

  8. CS says:

    I might add that this is in Bahasa Malaysia, not Bahasa Indonesia. Bahasa means language.

  9. Chaun says:

    In the latest video, see how those fresh produce came out intact after the train had passed, even though they were placed hairline from the track. So neat. :)

  10. shapeshift says:

    Yes, and when you need to trim your vegetables, you just put them above that hairline and voila!…

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