The Story of India: Ep.3 – Spice Routes and Silk Roads

In Episode 3 – Spice Routes and Silk Roads, Michael Wood traces India in the days of the Roman Empire. In Kerala the spice trade opened India to the world, whilst gold and silk bazaars in the ancient city of Madurai were a delight for visiting Greek traders. From the deserts of Turkmenistan Michael travels down the Khyber Pass to Pakistan to discover a forgotten Indian Empire that opened up the Silk Route and at Peshawar built a lost Wonder of the World.

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5 Responses

  1. Redroom Studios says:

    such an amazing country where so much of the past is still alive. I am often shocked to see how much manual labour is still practiced there… things we use machines for. But that is part of the romance of ‘stepping back in time’.

    so how many more episodes are in this series?

  2. ann says:

    looks like i have a lot to catch up on when I get home, lots of good posts lately david! :-) it is funny, flickr is actually blocked here in Dubai, so I have to go in a back door…also have been watching some of the Saudi news that has english subtitles…that is really another world…

  3. shapeshift says:

    Redroom… Yes, it was interesting when he compared the Indian commercial area to Dickens times before and during the industrial age… I am not certain how many episodes all together. I know of at least one more…

    Ann… How sad that flickr is blocked in Dubai. I am curious what what door you have taken. Yes, I imagine the Middle East must be quite different.

  4. CS says:

    Another fascinating episode. The Silk Roads invokes such rich romance, history and adventure; it’s just about at the top of my travel list at the moment.

  5. shapeshift says:

    Yes, you can just smell the spices… and the pictures are filled with colors…

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