The Story of India: Ep.1 – Beginnings

For this epic BBC documentary series, Michael Wood journeys through the subcontinent, tracing the incredible richness and diversity of its peoples, cultures and landscapes. Michael explores the ancient sites that helped shape the history and culture of southern India, including Patna, once said to be the greatest city on earth; Madurai, a town that has existed continuously since the first millennium BC; and sites at the heart of India’s historic spice trade.

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4 Responses

  1. Redroom Studios says:

    well… documentary film making doesnt get much better than this does it? Simply phenomenal cinematography, research and story telling! Amazing that they could pack so much information into a single hour in such an entertaining way. I would definitely like to see more episodes in this series….

  2. shapeshift says:

    I know, I really like the whole idea and execution of this documentary. I am sure the series will be fabulous so we will definitely run them if we get the chance.

  3. CS says:

    Wow. Such rich content in this one. I have thoroughly enjoyed it (only took me three days to get through :) ) Can’t wait to find some time to enjoy Volume 2.

  4. shapeshift says:

    It has that classic BBC quality, I suppose.

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