Medici: Godfathers: Ep.2 – The Magnificent Medici

Medici: Godfathers of the Renaissance – The Magnificent Medici: In Florence, August 1466, Lorenzo de’Medici, the 17-year-old heir to the dynasty, foils a murderous plot against his father and saves his family from a coup d’etat. He becomes the new “Godfather” of Florence.

The Renaissance continues to flourish. Botticelli is commissioned to paint a wedding present for the Godfather’s cousin, “The Birth of Venus”. Leonardo da Vinci is discovered and brought into the Medici fold. In the world’s first art-school, Lorenzo discovers a boy-genius, Michelangelo Buonarotti and adopts him into the family. But dark forces were equal in scope and influence and rages on threatening the fruition of the Renaissance. Segment 1 (55:26 min)

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