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Wing Chun HK Documentary

Neat documentary on Wing Chun, a Chinese martial art and form of self-defense using both striking and grappling to focus on close-range combat.

Vanguard: China’s Wild West

Unlike their Hollywood friendly brethren, the Tibetans, the Uighurs of northwestern China, claim to be an oppressed minority group that no one has ever heard of. That is, unless the Chinese government publicizes an...

Pieces of Chungking

Chungking Mansions, a huge citadel for Indians, Pakistanis, South Africans and other ethnic minorities is nestled somewhere in the concrete jungle of Hong Kong.

NatGeo: Lost in China – Silk Road

From China’s wild west to Beijing’s boom, photography and filmmaking duo Jeff and Peter Hutchens capture china in its moment of change. In this episode, the brothers journey on the silk road and ends...