Re-Imagining Your Potential | Valerie Tran | TEDx Talks

Valerie (hey, that’s my niece!) challenges us to rethink what we are capable of. Using her work as an example, she believes that rethinking traditional urban planning roles can offer practical strategies for addressing health impacts of climate change. Such a clever girl, that Valerie.

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  1. chaunsoh says:

    Your niece is amazing! Everybody can make a difference, no matter how small it may seem. I believe it is the collective difference that will propel a huge change .

  2. shapeshift says:

    I know… Isn’t she neat! You are reminding me I should be posting more videos…

  3. chaunsoh says:

    You have so much good stuff here and I am so behind! I am finding a bit more time though, since selling my home and temporarily living in an apartment. Hope life has been good to you.

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