Past Lives – Stories of Reincarnation

The Discovery Channel explores past lives in this documentary.

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3 Responses

  1. CS says:

    I find the physical relevance between the police officer’s gun shot wound and the boy’s heart condition especially intriguing. For those who believe, we have always talked about the separation between the body and the soul, but this piece of evidence kinda introduces another unknown into what is already a huge mystery of life/death.

  2. shapeshift says:

    Yes, I was surprised by that information as well. There seems to be so many anomalies to what is usually described as reality. I love that!…

  3. What Is Our Earth Life Experience For?

    Earth is a place where everyone gets an opportunity to see themselves for who they truly are. Who do we become when society isn’t looking?

    The society we came from before we were born into earth society, is an immortal society. Earth is a place where we are given a chance to see if we are evolving in a positive or negative direction. When we look around at the world we live in and it is not too difficult to see which direction many of us are going in.

    Earth is a place where we are not allowed to know much (as the old term goes, blind on earth), unless we are prepared to do the work… we then, will no longer have to come to earth again, once we have developed these characteristic traits necessary to live in an immortal society; therefore, the earth experience is no longer required.

    Religion is man’s primitive way to explain their existence and the fact, that our society still has these primitive beliefs should be a hint to those who are astute about where we are as a society.

    Read article in its entirety…

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