Robot Revolution

A neat documentary about how the nuclear disaster at Fukushima sparked rapid advances in humanoid robotics research and development around the world. All of a sudden, robots evolved and started to look like Iron...


Mae Klong – Train Market of Thailand

This is a more recent HD footage of the the now famous Mae Klong Station Train Market. Above is an older but neat amateur video that explains the Mae Klong Train Station Market in...

beat-the-devil-bmw- films

Beat The Devil – BMW Films

Tony Scott directed the 8th of 10 short films produced by BMW Films series The Hire Starring Clive Owen. This episode also stars James Brown and Gary Oldman.

Martin Schoeller

NG Live! – The Power of Photography to Relate

Portrait photographer Martin Schoeller captures the essence of the individual. Sponsored by National Geographic, he presents a photo essay on how our growing diversity is literally changing the face of America.


GOOD: Diamonds 101

The people at GOOD put together some stats about diamond and presented them in another excellent animation.


Miracle Planet: Ep.2 – Snowball Earth

Miracle Planet is a five-part documentary series, co-produced by Japan’s NHK and the National Film Board of Canada (NFB), narrated by Christopher Plummer, which tells the 4.6-billion-year-old story of how life has evolved from...


Miracle Planet: Ep.3 – New Frontiers

This third episode follows our ancestors from the shallow saltwater seas to the freshwater rivers, then discusses the colonization of land. The focus is mainly on the Devonian and Carboniferous periods. Miracle Planet is...