Kumbh Mela: The Greatest Show on Earth

Started in February 2013 and over the next 55 days, nearly a hundred million people will come to Allahabad, India, to the Great Kumbh Mela. This incredible and awe-inspiring celebration of the world’s oldest...


Near Death Experience – 9 Lives

This video explores Near Death Experiences of nine people. They tell incredibly similar stories of where their consciousness took them when they were virtually dead and out of their bodies in our physical dimension.


Seven Wonders of the Buddhist World

In an attempt to gain a better understanding of the beliefs and practices that form the core of Buddhist philosophy and investigate how Buddhism started and where it travelled to, Bettany Hughes visits some...


Robot Revolution

A neat documentary about how the nuclear disaster at Fukushima sparked rapid advances in humanoid robotics research and development around the world. All of a sudden, robots evolved and started to look like Iron...