Noam Chomsky Interview on CBC

CBC Hot Type, Evan Solomon interviews Noam Chomsky, talking about Afghanistan, Iraq, 9/11, terrorism, the Israeli occupation of Palestinian land, U.S. hegemony around the world and the media propaganda. (40 min).

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2 Responses

  1. Redroom Studios says:

    wow, that was awesome. I never tire of listening to Chomsky! I saw this interview before when it was on tv though I thought it was on another show Solomon hosted called CBC Sunday. Perhaps it was aired on both. But I love everything Chomsky says – a modern day Socrates !!! He just makes me laugh out loud the way he speaks the truth.

    Solomon is a good guy but he frustrates me sometimes in his dedication to being the impartial journalist and consistently challenging his guests.

    Anyways, CBC Sunday was cancelled this year and Solomon is now the politics guru with a new show called Politics and Power on CBC NewsWorld.

  2. Redroom Studios says:

    oh, and I meant to mention that I read the book shown at the beginning 9-11, though I have sinse given it away as a gift.

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