The Missing Secretes of Nikola Tesla

Long shrouded in secrecy, the life of Nikola Tesla is illuminated in this documentary. His achievements led to the discovery of radio and television as well as the development of the first hydroelectric dam, remote control, radar tracking for the military, x-ray and the manipulation of matter and energy. His discoveries are also the basis for the emerging science of free energy. Encyclopedia Britannica lists Nikola Tesla as one of the most fascinating people in history. So why is he virtually unknown to the general public?

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  1. Heather Evans says:

    Thank you so much!!! I’m sooo glad that someone finally is telling the world about what a great and wonderful man Nikola Tesla is. I’m doing a presentation him and I was wondering if you can send me any more information on him. I want to use it for future references. THANK YOU FOR LISTENING!!!!!

  2. shapeshift says:

    Thanks for dropping by Heather…

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