Mekons: Ghost of American Astronauts

Ghost of American Astronauts was first released on the 1988 Mekons album So Good It Hurts. I used to carpool from Berkeley to San Francisco and I heard this song on one of the rides. From then I became a fan.

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  1. Ann says:

    I like this a bunch! Berkeley is very cool, it was in my top 3 destinations for univ…..Austin and Boulder were the other 2…but of course, I went where I could get in state tuition ;-)

  2. shapeshift says:

    Almost went to Berkeley, huh? You would have loved it. I was lucky enough to go there as a CA resident and at a time when education was a lot more inexpensive.

    The Mekons started as a English punk band. They traveled around the U.S. and fell in love with Honky Tonk music and incorporated the sound into their music. Really though they just changed with almost every album they released. These days you can still find them at Bluegrass festivals but you can still see their punk sensibilities…

  3. Ann says:

    Good for you, I did not realize you went to Berkeley…Austin remains one of my fave cities…I know you live in the cool capitol, but if you ever want to see cool with a texas twang, check it out, you wld love it (esp the music scene).

  1. 2008/07/10

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