Maya Lin – Systematic Landscapes

Produced by Tyler Potts for the Henry Art Gallery, Seattle Washington. (8 min)

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  1. Anh-Tuan Le says:

    I had earlier harbored thoughts of inviting ML to collaborate in something for Little Saigon U.S.A.

    If I were an artist, I think my direction would’ve been very close to hers. Reminds me of LeBaDang who utilized paper and paper mache to build from flat planes into relief works. ML is inspired by Earth’s geography and natural forms. We who are engineers are architects are really working on the flat to realize the multi-dimensional (not just spatial, but also metaphysical).

    Thx for posting, David.

  2. Anh-Tuan Le says:

    oh yes…and I remember returning to Ann Arbor my alma mater and quite suddenly walking, surprised, on to the Aeronautical Engineering building’s waveform grass-scape…after initial awe, it pulled me to it, comfortably lying down and then playfully rolling around and feeling like an innocent child again. Playfully spiritual is how I remember it.

  3. shapeshift says:

    Sounds great… I have not experience one of her creations, unfortunately…

  4. Redroom Studios says:

    this is an interesting form of art that interacts with our natural environment. I have not really given too much thought to this area of artistic expression before, so it was nice to hear her speak about her inspirations and motives for the various works. After watching this video, I have one burning question in my mind : how the heck do they cut the grass on that wave form landscpae ???

  5. shapeshift says:

    I guess they cut the grass slowly…:~)

  6. Anh-Tuan Le says:

    That’s my question on that chance day visiting the WaveForm, but my U of M trained imagination got to an independent answer/speculation…a robotic lawn mower programmed to match power and direction required for the topography. Go Blue!

    Shapeshift man…you been to VN Memorial in DC? That’s a Maya Lin icon…if not yet, we must plan a trip before I get old and evaporate.

  7. shapeshift says:

    Yes, I know it was her first major commission but have not seen it.

  8. ann says:

    her work is so cool…i’d love to see some of it in person….the 11 minute line and the wave field look wonderful….

  9. shapeshift says:

    Yes, I really like the 11 minute line…

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