Ilha das Flores/Isle of Flower

Ilha das Flores/Isle of Flower is a 1989 Brazilian short film by Jorge Furtado. It tracks the path of a tomato from garden to dump with the help of a monotone voiceover and excellent collages and images. While a very humorous film, the message it delivers about how human beings treat each other is quite sobering. The director himself has stated that the film was inspired by the works of Kurt Vonnegut and Alain Resnais, among others. It is often listed in the 100 best documentaries of all time by European critics.

The film has been denounced as “materialistic” because one of its early credits displays the phrase “God doesn’t exist”. Nevertheless, critic Jean-Claude Bernardet defined Isle of Flowers “a religious film”, and the Brazilian National Bishop Confederation awarded the film with the Margarida de Prata (Silver Daisy), calling it “the best Brazilian film of the year” in 1990. In 1995, Isle of Flowers was chosen by the European critics as one of the 100 most important short films of the century. (12 min)

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6 Responses

  1. Redroom Studios says:

    wow, different! it was entertaining and humourous, but by the end I just felt like being sick. It is so hard for me to understand the reality of people who have to sift through garbage to find food… that is just so far from the comfortable lifestyles we live in N.A. The even more ridiculous comparison is the obesity boom that we are experiencing now. So many people can just sit infront of a tv screen all day and eat more food than their body requires…

  2. shapeshift says:

    yes, it was made in 1989 but is still very relevant… funny and hard hitting social commentary at the same time… just the kind of stuff I really like.

  3. CS says:

    A very different approach to getting to the roots of a social problem. Almost has that George Orwell-ish flavor.

  4. ann says:

    This is one of the best short films I”ve seen in ages, conveys such a powerful message so concisely….I had heard of this one long ago, but never got a chance to view it…thanks for posting it here…

  5. shapeshift says:

    Yes, I think this film is quite well known although it is a recent discovery for me.

  6. Lisa S. says:

    such a great little video

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