GOOD: Education in America

GOOD Magazine takes a broad animated look at the state of education in America today. What are our graduation rates? How are our standardized test scores? How well paid are our teachers? Let’s take the pulse of our country’s education system — all the way from its kindergartens to its universities. Comparing and contrasting with statistics from other countries, we can see where we fit in on the international scene…and we can begin to think about how to repair education in America.

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  1. Redroom Studios says:

    it is hard to reconcile the gap between the US as the world’s richest nation and its under achieving educational system. Even though Canada scores consistently higher in those areas mentioned I think we have the some of the same problems here… kids are distracted by their social lives (gangs, sex) and the internet etc and parents are not involved the way they used to be. So my point is that I think the problems go beyond the education system itself… though it looks as if teachers in the US may be over worked compared to other countries.

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