The Secret Country – The First Australians Fight Back

The Secret Country – The First Australians Fight Back is another of John Pilger many classic documentaries, this one from 1985. The secret history of Australia is a historical conspiracy of silence. Written history has long applied selectivity to what it records, largely ignoring the shameful way that the Aborigines were, and continue to be, treated.

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  1. CS says:

    Thanks for posting this, David. Yes, the country’s dark secret that is not widely known out there. Although efforts have been made over the last decade or so to close the gap between mainstream Australians and the original owners of the land, the Aborigines remain largely marginalised. That said, the national apology, offered by the newly elected Prime Minister Kevin Rudd just over a year ago, to the Stolen Generations, was a shift in the nation’s soul and a very positive step towards a full reconciliation.

    Oh, watch ‘The Rabbit Proof Fence’ (released in 2002) if you want to know more about the Stolen Generation. It’s based on a true story of the author’s own mother and two other young mixed-raced girls. I would say the film is a stark contrast, in how this subject was treated, to the commercial, recently released ‘Australia’.

  2. shapeshift says:

    Yes, I saw the beautiful ‘The Rabbit Proof Fence’ when it first came out in 2002. I am afraid to see ‘Australia’…

    Living in the U.S., I knew the Australian situation only superficially. I did not realize the extent of the slaughter. The apology was a huge step but things take so long to change after centuries of oppression. So much of history everywhere has been so brutal. You’d think we’ve had enough…

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