Entheogen – Awakening the Divine Within

Entheogen: Awakening the Divine Within is an 80 minute documentary concerning ecological awareness, evolution of consciousness, and the revival of shamanism with a mature perspective and language. What do ancient rites of passage have to do with our ecological crisis? What do dancing and festivals have to do with the collective consciousness? Stan Grof, Ralph Metzner, Marilyn Schlitz, and Barabara Marx Hubbard among others, postulate how the disenchantment brought about by the scientific method has created our current ecological crisis and how the emergence of the technosphere has made available the next leap in the evolution of consciousness.

Noosphere: The hyperorganism consisting of the interconnected totality of all sentient beings, and the higher level of consciousness possessed by it.

Shamanism: A worldview within which mediation between physical and spirit dimensions becomes possible through ecstatic states of consciousness.

Archetype: An autonomous form in the primordial psyche that structures and impels all human behavior and experience.

Entrainment: The phenomenon whereby energy systems tend to become harmonic when in proximity.

Rite of Passage: Any ritual or ceremony wherein a participant crosses a threshold demarcating a transformation of their state of being.

Concrescence: The process through which seemingly dissimilar phenomena are integrated into a coherent whole.

Medicine: Any mediation necessary to correct a diseased state of being.

Enantiodromia: The process by which something is transformed into or revealed as being the same as its opposite.

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