Discovering Myanmar (Burma) – Yangon

Let’s follow along as Helene and Bertrand explore Yangon, Myanmar (Burma) in this is cool amateur video. Segment 1 (5:25 min)

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4 Responses

  1. CS says:

    So isolated, so enigmatic and utterly attractive. I want to go to Myanmar in a couple of years’ time. Many years ago my family and I managed to visit the country for a day, led by an aunt from Thailand. We needed no passport or visa, but were asked to act and behave like the locals which we did with no fanfare.

  2. shapeshift says:

    If I am lucky, I may get to Myanmar and Laos this year.

    You went for one day with no passport? How quaint :~)

  3. CS says:

    Oh wow! I sure hope you do make it! I can’t get enough of that part of the world and will never get tired of visiting.

    When I was little, our family used to cross the border into Thailand with no passport either. My uncle (dad’s sister’s husband) was a senator in southern Thailand, and he would send his entourage to pick us up from the border, jeep and officers in uniform and all. You can imagine how big a deal it was for a kid! :)

  4. shapeshift says:

    It’s good to have connections!…

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