Deep Roots Music – King Tubby and the Creation of Dub

This excerpt from the film “Deep Roots Music” is a dub session with Bunny Lee, Prince Jammy & Scientist, well known dub reggae producers and disciples of King Tubby, dubbing “Jailhouse Rock” live. The video starts with a very short history about King Tubby, the father and mastermind of dub whose work elevated producers in reggae to be major forces in the creation of the music. Right after that Prince Jammy is at the controls, Bunny Lee giving his input and dancing like a madman. Scientist is the young man in white wearing a button hat and blowing smoke at the end. (4:11 min)

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3 Responses

  1. Redroom Studios says:

    good times… a fun little behind the scenes clip here. I remember when we were driving around in your car in SF, you gave us a quick lesson about dub!

  2. ann says:

    dub dub dubbbb…. :-)

    i enjoyed this…

  3. shapeshift says:

    Ha ha… was I preaching about how dub music originated from Jamaica? That’s funny. I find this video to be hilarious. jamaicans are a riot.

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