PBS Evolution: Ep.1 – Darwin’s Dangerous Idea

For 21 years, Charles Darwin kept his theory of evolution secret from all but a few friends. He confided to one: “It is like confessing to a murder.” His torment resonates in society today–in the challenge his incredibly powerful idea poses to our understanding of our world and ourselves. This PBS docu-drama explores why Darwin’s “dangerous idea” matters perhaps even more today than it did in his own time, and how it conveys the power of science to explain the past and predict the future of life on earth. (115 min)

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4 Responses

  1. ATL says:

    Great one! Thank you, David–you are my Tivo!

    Has its analogy in my belief honed from observation: “community by design”…and that those of us who are called to “design” are called to divine expression. Design for the good or design for the bad (if not “mediocre”) are our choices, conscious or otherwise (such as neglect, as in not fully owning up to the responsibility that comes with design).

    Design seems to be endowed to us humans, separating us from animals. When you observe nature’s seeming perfect intents coupled with unimaginable eruptions of artistic flair…you know there’s a design force at work that we who, by faith (or deep personal experience), ascribe to the Divine Force.

  2. shapeshift says:

    When one is constantly creating, one can intuit this Force… May the Force be with you…

  3. CS says:

    I like that the highlights of Darwin’s life have been presented in a movie-like manner and interspersed with modern day interviews and commentaries. I wonder had there not been Darwanism, how long it would have taken for DNA to be discovered, or how hard a battle it would have had to fight to gain mainstream acceptance?

  4. shapeshift says:

    Yes, I like the docu-drama approach to this as well. It seems very fitting for some reason maybe because it was just very done. I think that if Darwin did not come along with the theory of evolution, some scientist would have to conclude the same thing based on all the fossil evidence. It is surprising to be that even today so many people reject evolution because of pure ignorance – they just plain refuse it because they want so much for their religion to be the true word of God.

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