China’s Sexual Revolution

CBC’s CHINA’S SEXUAL REVOLUTION is the world’s first glimpse – often using secret cameras – into the forbidden new China. It’s a surprising portrait of the Chinese today: the new free love generation that’s left their parents in shock; the booming sex industry that’s creating an HIV crisis; the new generation of career women and feminists that suddenly wants it all – while millions of men feel left out.

China’s sexual libido was bottled up for 50 years, but now it’s bursting loose, with dramatic effects on marriage, personal freedom and the government itself.

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6 Responses

  1. Redroom Studios says:

    another good find, my friend. I had started watching this when it was first aired but I think I got a phone call and had to go out… so had been waiting for it to be repeated.

    it seemed sort of ironic in a country of 1.3 billion that so many people had no idea about the workings of sex. I liked the point made near the end that change doesnt always happen through demonstration but often through massive switch in public opinion and practice. China does seem like such an exciting place to be these days, despite their many challenges.

  2. shapeshift says:

    Yes, it does seem like an interesting time for China and with sex out in the open, it definitely a more exciting place to be…:~)

  3. CS says:

    I watched this documentary on TV a few months ago, and remember thinking at that time, how when the reins have been tight for a long time, when released how much energy build-up there would be (think rubber band). So I guess the sexual revolution we are witnessing today is also a reflection of this ‘pent-up’ demand…if you like…a new found freedom, a long-awaited exertion of what is a basic human need. :)

  4. ann says:

    last time I spent extensive time in China was in the late 90s and already found things to be very open at that time, esp in the larger cities, the night life and the social lives of the people that worked for our company seemed not too much different than you would see in any large American city….I’d be curious to visit there now to see the difference….I’ll come back and view more of the video when I get more time…

  5. shapeshift says:

    I find it amazing that the state was able to suppress so many people for so long.

  6. ann says:

    if you have not already, i recommend the book wild swans…not a history book (and likely not historically accurate in all regards), but rather the memoir of life from 3 generations of women, through the cultural revolution….gives some good insights into how the state managed to influence so many aspects of life…

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