Segment 5 (9:48 min) Goldsmith Says “No”

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7 Responses

  1. Redroom Studios says:

    hmmm, I think there must be a missing part 6 for the conclusion of the story?

    its quite enlightening to hear all these behind the scenes motives and drama. luckily it seems that there were a few too many honest people involved that saved the US system from being rendered completely powerless at the hands of the executive branch….

    and indeed now we have moved on to a new era of honesty and integrity under Obama. I watched his most recent press conference where one journalist asked him about a report recommending possible indictments against Bush Admin officials. Obama was clear that if such indictments were warranted that they should proceed, but that he was much more intent on looking forward in a positive way rather than dwelling on the past. what a great change of attitude this represents where previously everything seemed to be about politcal opportunism and threats and fear.

  2. shapeshift says:

    OK, I changed it to the complete video. Just move that slider to where you left off… Sorry about that.

  3. Redroom Studios says:

    thanks David,

    the last part was actually the most shocking! They came very close to creating a ‘legal’ dictatorship. Crazy stuff!

  4. shapeshift says:

    I guess they thought that an empire must have an emperor… and it came disguised as a Vice President.

  5. sleepingcow says:

    i think what is telling is the emphasis on “speed” – this sense that things had to be done fast and outside legal bounds, which would slow everything down. it goes a long way in explaining the countless blunders committed by that nightmare administration. nothing was thought through. they believed in what they were doing and were arrogant enough to believe that they could do no wrong.

  6. sleepingcow says:

    also interesting to note that Yoo refers to Abu Zubayda, the “number 3 person” in Qaida. its come out lately that he was a peon with little to offer in the way of intel. still, he was waterboarded something like 100 times and from what i gather it was all to dig up links that did not exist between Qaida and Iraq.

  7. shapeshift says:

    I think everyone knows the score. Cheney was indeed the mastermind and this show implicates some cynical lawyers who have fallen prey to the dark side. The question is if they believe what they were doing was right, does it justify everything else that they? It is said the road to hell is filled with good intentions.

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