Art of the Letterpress

Take a short visit to Firefly Press in Somerville Massachusetts. John Kristensen, proprietor. This little documentary speaks to the craftsmanship and love of traditional design that drew many of us into the world of graphic design years ago. Take a moment to slow down and enjoy. (5:52 min)

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2 Responses

  1. CS says:

    How coincidental! I was just looking at some work on Flickr and others on letterpress when you posted this. :) Don’t we just love it – so beautiful and so tactile…really appeals to the heart.

    Was introduced to Firefly on YouTube when I took a class on letterpress last year. I did learned letterpress in the first year of graphic design but well, it’s been a while so I needed to refresh my memory. I dream about owning a letterpress and hide in the studio all day and night and just create, create, create. :D But these little machines get snapped up quite quickly – hopefully those who acquire them also learn to run them and not treat them as mere collectors’ items.

  2. shapeshift says:

    Yes, I totally understand the love for the process of working these machines. And it is possible to transfer this process to any creative process, including computers and printers…

    It is so interesting that these machines get snapped up quickly. Maybe the letterpress will not die so easily, like the non digital cameras. They are different processes, with different expressions and can coexist.

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