Design: e2 – Affordable Green Housing

This is the fourth in a series of video podcasts for the PBS series design e2. Each podcast takes you beyond the episodes and deeper into the world of sustainable design. Biophilia is a hypothesis that describes humans as emotionally connected to all other living systems. Jonathan Rose, a New York City-based real estate developer, describes how biophilia can guide building design in dense urban environments. In many instances, biophilia shares the same principles as sustainable building design.

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  1. ann says:

    i really enjoyed this…I loved seeing the gardens on the roof tops of the bronx project….I have lived in both urban and suburban settings and agree that proximity to nature is a big factor in my choice of where I live…

  2. shapeshift says:

    Here in San Francisco, we are thinking a lot greener in the way we plan and build different parts of the city. We hope that this is happening across the U.S. as well. When we built cities in the past, we forgot and ignored our connection to nature and only now, we are starting to finally get it as a society.

  3. ann says:

    that’s cool….next time I’m in your neck of the woods you’ll have to show me some areas that have been designed w/ this in mind….even in corp land we’ve gotten so much greener in the last few years…no more disposable cups, no excessive use of ink in presentations, paper usage down, recycle everything….etc…and our campus was built with access to green view and natural light in mind…they have lots of ‘nature’ paths, etc…

  4. ATL says:

    Hi David,

    In Tenderloin 2000 vision prepared circa 1990, we talked about making rooftop spaces similar to Vietnam’s “san thuong”. With landscape & hardscape, a communing place. What you say is realization of that vision/dream all over SF.

    Another tidbit trivia–SF’s Director of Park & Rec Yomi Agunbiade was Manna employee p/t intern reception/assistant in 1986, no. 3 (before Martha)…he and I had walks in Tenderloin and we talked about greening…his childhood in native Nigeria influences him I’m sure…now I see tree plantings all over…that is great!

    I made a note to contact Rose Companies to follow up for Little Saigon here.

    Thanks for interesting postings!

    From afar, ATL

  5. Redroom Studios says:

    David, glad you were finally able to post something from the e^2 series. They seem to have done a good job of keeping the full length programs off the net somehow, but of course these podcasts were intended for free consumption. I did see the associated full length program for this theme… there are some great visionary people at work these days and you can really feel a momentum of goodwill and caring building up as humanity starts to take back the planet.

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