Turning Points of History- A Coup Made In America

Documentary: “A Coup: Made In America” Written by Alan Mendelsohn and Nadine Pequeneza, aired on Canadian television’s series “Turning Points of History” in 2001- “A Coup: Made In America” (Barna-Alper) is a documentary made about the CIA’s involvement in the downfall of Jacobo Arbenz’s government in Guatemala in 1954. The intervention of the CIA in Guatemala led to the 36 year civil war from 1960-1996.

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  1. Redroom Studios says:

    how many episodes could be written on this theme of US interference in other countries? Amazing the power of propaganda and manipulation… and also how the story could be sold in America to gain support for the intervention. Sadly we know that such stories can still be sold today.

    I wonder if you ever had the chance to watch “Fidel: The Untold Story”?… perhaps a good follow up story to this as events in Cuba were eluded to in the conclusion of this documentary. Part 1 / 10 begins here: http://www.shapeshift.net/2009/12/fidel-castro-the-untold-story/

  2. shapeshift says:

    Thanks Sean, I just took a peek, saw 2 segments and I am hooked. Really great documentary.

    Uh, to answer your question, apparently about 50 similar stories since World War II. I think that’s the low number, some people say there’s been more. The Guatemala story seems especially tragic. A popular leader and his nation just got stomped on for the benefit of the big business of bananas.

  3. RobbieLongpre says:

    A beautiful piece on the politics of a Banana Republic. Perfect example of the CIA’s meddling in central america to further american interests.

    I dont suppose anyone can reccomend where this series can be found for download? (there’s no good torrents out there as far as I can find …. not of the entire series anyways)

  4. shapeshift says:

    Hi RobbieLongpre,
    Thanks for your interest. Here’s a documentary that sums up all the CIA meddling in Latin America.

  5. guatemalteco says:

    blood on the hands of the yanks is beyond measure.
    the ignorance of the world in these matters is staggering

  6. shapeshift says:

    This documentary very clearly illustrates the link between big business and the U.S. government… and this was in 1954.

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